Dentistry for Children in Calgary, AB

Pediatric dentistry primarily focuses on children from birth through adolescence. Some pediatric dentists (pedodontists) opt to specialize in oral care for children with special needs, specifically children with autism, varying levels of mental retardation, or cerebral palsy.

Child psychology is one of the most important components of pediatric dentistry. Pediatric dentists are trained to create a friendly, fun, social atmosphere for visiting children, and always avoid threatening words like “drill,” “needle,” and “injection.” Dental phobias beginning in childhood often continue into adulthood, so it is of paramount importance that children have positive experiences and find their “dental home” as early as possible.

What Does a Dentist Do for Children?

It is the function of Dentists to fulfill many important functions pertaining to the child’s overall oral health and hygiene. They place importance on the proper maintenance and care of deciduous (baby) teeth, which are instrumental in facilitating good chewing habits, proper speech production, and also hold space for permanent teeth.

Other important functions include:

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Patient Guide on Child Oral Health for Parents

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