No More Goopy Impressions with the iTero® Scanner

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Straightening teeth is a common procedure that, before, was limited to the use of uncomfortable impressions. The powder and goopy material were messy and it was hard to achieve an accurate model for oral devices.

We're happy that patients now have access to intraoral scanners, such as the iTero®. With the help of this digital scanning system, we can capture high-resolution images of your mouth with a lot less time and effort.

What is the iTero® Element Intraoral Scanner?

The iTero® Element Intraoral Scanner helps improve the quality of dental care that patients receive. It's a digital imaging device that scans the mouth using a handheld wand. It allows you to see the current condition of your mouth and how it will look after receiving orthodontic treatment.

How Does it Work?

The iTero® scanner makes taking impressions a lot easier and convenient for patients and dentists alike.

Your dentist uses the iTero® wand to scan all areas of your mouth. The images are then simultaneously captured on the computer screen. These detailed photos make up the 3D model of your mouth, which can be adjusted in real-time.

No need for several retakes as was sometimes the case with the traditional method. Patients with a high gag reflex appreciate this. Your dentist can forward your impressions to the dental lab and to other parties that require them.

Your appointment time will be shorter, as will the time needed to produce your dental restorations.

The Advantages of the iTero® Scanner

Experience the iTero® Digital Scanning System in SW Calgary

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