LightWalker Laser

At Springbank Dental, we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best possible results for your dental treatments.

We offer the LightWalker laser, the world’s fastest cutting laser which can be used for a comprehensive range of soft and hard tissue procedures.

This dental laser is revolutionizing dentistry with its high speed and precision, and we’re happy to be able to use it for our patients.

What is a LightWalker Laser?

LightWalker lasers are designed to give patients a better dental experience. They can be used for several dental procedures, including cosmetic treatments.

In comparison to traditional treatment methods, the LightWalker laser shortens the duration of treatment and recovery and results in less pain. Its ease of use and accuracy supports conservative dentistry.

This latest laser technology uses Fotona’s very own patented Quantum Square Pulse (QSP) mode, which improves interactions with dental tissues. As a result, patient comfort, speed, and treatment results are also enhanced.

How new is this technology?

Fotona, the manufacturer of LightWalker laser system, has been in the laser technology field for over 50 years and is recognized worldwide as an industry leader in designing the most advanced medical laser applications.

Fotona partners with research centres and universities across the globe in product development. LightWalker is one of Fotona’s latest laser technologies.

What are the advantages of using LightWalker laser system?

Our SW Calgary dental practice adopted the LightWalker dental laser system to meet patient needs and ensure a positive experience for you. Here are some of its advantages:

Who are the ideal candidates?

The LightWalker system can be used on patients of all ages. However, it may not be ideal if you have sensitive teeth as the technology uses a lot of water. We usually don’t recommend it for patients who need an amalgam or metal restoration removed or those who need large fillings or crowns.

How long does it take to finish a procedure?

Since the LightWalker laser reduces the need for anesthesia, we no longer need to wait for the freezing or numbing to take effect. This makes the procedure faster.

Does dental laser require special preparation or post-procedure care?

Using dental lasers doesn’t require special preparation. After your procedure, you can resume your normal daily activities. Your mouth won’t be numb, so you aren’t restricted from eating and drinking.

What do patients say about LightWalker laser system?

Our patients love that they no longer need anesthesia to get their dental treatments done.

They spend less time in our office and can carry on with their day, thanks to the high accuracy feature of the LightWalker laser.

Even our patients with a fear of needles or dental anxiety appreciate the use of this dental technology. It’s an invaluable tool, and we’re excited to share it with more patients.

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We’re dental professionals, but we’re also dental patients. We understand how it feels to be in the dental chair and how important it is to maintain a positive and supportive environment in the office.

The use of advanced dental technology makes this possible, and that’s why we strive to offer the latest tools and techniques at Springbank Dental. The LightWalker Laser System is an award-winning innovation, and we’ve seen how it pleases our patients.

If you’re interested in getting a dental procedure and are wondering if LightWalker can be used, we’re happy to discuss this with you further.

We invite you to contact us at . We’re happy to help you book an appointment with one of our dentists or answer any dental-related questions you may have.

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