Oravital Analysis in Calgary, AB

At Springbank Dental Centre we care about your overall health. Because of this, we now offer a non-invasive, affordable, and highly accurate microbial analysis, that allows us to care for your mouth in a more personalized way. The Oravital system can effectively diagnose problems so we can make the best decision possible on how to handle them.

The mouth is full of microbes (bacteria, viruses, and fungi), most are completely harmless but some are highly pathogenic. The harmful types can enter your bloodstream and attack other organs in your body. This is why periodontal and other oral infections have been linked with a wide range of medical problems including:

The tests we perform can tell us about periodontal diseases and also let us know if your mouth contains a specific bacteria or fungi that may lead to lesions of the mouth or even cancer. When we determine exactly which microbes are present, we can find out if you have any current infections and access your risk factor for future oral infections. Knowing the specifics can help us uncover the problem and treat it quickly and effectively.

How does it work?

First, you will visit us at Springbank Dental Centre and we will access your mouth by searching for any dental issues you may have. Then one of our dental professionals will take a painless swab of your mouth, teeth, and tongue and send the samples to the lab.

At the lab, the technicians will run a complete microbial analysis. Once analyzed, we will be sent the results in the form of a comprehensive report. Your dentist will review the report and if the results show damaging microbes are present in your oral cavity, we will come up with a plan and treat you accordingly. Different types of microbes will require different kinds of treatment. If you are interested in having a microbial analysis to help us care for you further, book your appointment at Springbank Dental Centre today!