TMJ Migraines and Headaches

The temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, are the ones that connect your lower jaw to the rest of your skull. This joint is one of the more complex ones in the human body because it allows us to talk, chew, and move our jaw in any number of ways. Just like with other joints, however, it can sometimes not work as it should and lead to painful symptoms, including TMJ headaches.

The best way to treat headaches is through a thorough understanding of their cause. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish TMJ from other factors. If you also experience any of these symptoms you may be suffering due to a TMJ problem.

Many people suffering from TMJ headaches will require different treatments depending on what is causing the condition. Here are some solutions that could be required depending on the cause of your condition.

Mouthguards - If you clench and grind your teeth, using a mouthguard at night while treating any underlying stress may help.

Braces - If your jaw is misaligned due to a bite pattern then the best treatment may be to straighten your teeth.

Implants or Crowns - Missing teeth or broken teeth can cause shifting and could lead to TMJ disorder. Treatment may involve a replacement tooth, implant, or crown.

Injections - The latest in headache treatment involves a new type of injection that relaxes muscles. (Botox®) or Dysport injections help patients suffering from chronic migraine and other conditions, such as facial pain relief by giving relaxing the muscles in different points across the face including around eyes or jawline.

Springbank Dental Centre takes a unique approach to TMJ by first understanding why you're experiencing pain. During your appointment, your dentist will examine your teeth and jaw in order to find out what's causing any discomfort so that we can provide the proper treatment for it. Do not suffer with TMJ headaches any longer, call us today at (403) 277-7464 and set up an appointment so we can treat and relieve your pain.