Children's dentistry

by: Joey & Luke

Are you wondering how to introduce your toddler or young child to the dentist, dental office and other dental professionals? At Springbank Dental Centre our dental team and dental office are geared to children and adults alike!

A young child should start to visit the dentist not long after the teeth start to come in. This initial examination by a dentist and dental hygienist is important to set the stage for a lifetime of oral health. At this first visit not only are the teeth examined, but we also examine the relationship of the jaw bones, the palate, lymph nodes, salivary glands, tongue, facial muscles and how the teeth fit together.

The Springbank Dental Centre team takes a relaxed approach to introducing dentistry to children. Using the tell-show-do method of teaching young children, each aspect of the dental office is shown to the patient in this way. This approach allows each child to learn at their own pace and introduces dentistry the way a child learns – by becoming familiar through investigation of something and doing/using it once they feel comfortable with it.

Each appointment during this program is 30 minutes of time with the child and parents both involved in the dental visit. Each child is introduced to dentistry in a fun and positive way, taking the anxiety out of dentistry for children and parents alike. It also provides a great opportunity for parents to ask questions and learn about their child’s oral healthWhen Should Children Have Their First Dental Visit?.